New Skeeters, Eric Krebs and Bubba Bell on signing with Sugar Land

I had a chance to briefly chat with new Skeeters Eric Krebs and Bubba Bell today. Both of them are extremely excited to be coming home to Texas to play. Here's what they had to say about signing with Sugar Land.

"I'm very excited about this opportunity to play in my home town and being it's a new team and facility that makes it even better. It will be a great experience! I can't wait to get the season started!" said Krebs

"The opportunity to play in Texas and closer to family was the deciding factor in my decision on staying here or playing or going over seas. I've been so far away from family and friends that a lot of them haven't gotten to see me play. This gives them a great opportunity to finally see me play again. It also gives Lindsay (fiancee) and I a chance to be close to some familiar faces throughout the grind of the year." Bell told ATL Baseball Blog.

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