Dan Reichert On Coming Back To Blue Crabs And The 2012 Season

We were able to catch up with Dan Reichert and ask about coming back to the Blue Crabs for the 2012 season and here's what he had to say.

Image provided by Paul's Random Stuff
"I'm pumped for the season and am looking forward for it to start. I've been working out, throwing, running and lifting preparing for the season. It's gonna be good to be back in Waldorf with Patrick as manager and the guys he has signed for the season. I talked to him a while ago and he is excited for the season to get going too. I have been checking to see who he has signed and it looks as if we are going to have a good team. Hopefully we can win a championship this year. I won my first championship this past year in Taiwan, and now know that feeling of being a champion and celebrating on the mound after the final out was made! I want that feeling again this year!"

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