Skeeters Promotional Schedule

Here's a link to the Skeeters promotional schedule! 

The schedule includes:

- 16 Fireworks Dates
- 16 Giveaways
- Kids run the bases (Sat.)
- Catch on the field & autograph session (Sun.)

Here's the list of the giveaways: 

April 27th - Magnetic Schedule
April 28th - Piggy Banks
April 29th - T-Shirts
May 12th - Swatson Bobblehead
May 26th - Seat Cushion
May 31st - Frisbee
June 10th - Visor
June 11th - Tumblers
June 26th - Team Card Set
July 7th - Youth Replica Jersey
July 14th - Hats
July 28th - Tumblers
August 14th - Pocket Protector
September 8th - Team Poster

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