Opening Game at Constellation Field

James Larkin Smith of TheMorningCoffeeMix - KFEE-DB(Digital Radio), did a great review of the Sugar Land Skeeters new stadium Constellation Field.

Here's an excerpt of the post:

"As for the stadium, the field is in excellent shape. What get’s your attention at first is the large Texas sized video screen in center field. In your field box seats, the sight lines are unbelievable. For Houston area fans used to seeing the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park, you will feel like you are on the field."

Read the complete review! 

Photo Credit: James Larkin Smith

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  1. Looking forward to seeing Sugar Land this season. If there's one thing I know about Texas, they will support them well. There's no doubt that scoreboard separates theirs from the more standard scoreboards across the League.

  2. The first series is a sell out, at around 8000 per game. I'll be a 3 of them...


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